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Troop Studio

About Us

Troop Studio is a new design collective specializing in R&D and progressive fabrication methods. Our designers have the challenging mission to push current boundaries of building and materiality while innovating new methods in our state-of-the-art Fab Lab.


What We Do.

Research & Development

Our specialized team of artists, architects and industrial designers are constantly exploring new materials, technologies and manufacturing processes. With our fearless approach, we continue to evolve design and build practices.

Digital Fabrication

We house all the latest digital fabrication technologies in our dedicated Fab Lab. From CNC machines to multiple laser technologies, 3D printers to robot arms, our digital team is well versed in the best solutions.

Parametric Modelling

Creating 3D digital models of our products allows us to assess multiple options quickly, moving into rapid prototyping through to production in an efficient process.

Product Design

We design systems and products for real world applications. In addition to our studio lines, we also offer services to assist in refining your designs and prototyping your ideas. Want to collaborate on a product? Send us a message.


In Our Studio.

Below are some of our latest explorations.